K-On!’s resident guitarist, Azusa Nakano, recently celebrated her birthday last November 11, 2017. And in celebration of the occasion, anime online store, Animaru, has revealed that Azunyan will be getting her own life-size statue! In fact, Animaru will be selling a limited number of them, but they won’t be cheap, and getting the chance to buy one would be lucky too!

The prize itself is quite high, at 2,200,000 yen! The statue also comes with an “Azu-nyan play button,” which will play several voice recordings by Azusa’s own seiyuu, Ayana Taketatsu. Those lucky enough to buy the statue will also get an autographed board from Taketatsu herself.

But why is luck involved in buying the statue? This is because of the limited slots to buy the statues, as well as the high demand. To solve this issue, Animaru will be holding a lottery to determine which rich guy with 2,200,000 yen to spare gets to buy one of these Azusa statues. They will begin accepting applications to buy the statue on November 17, 2017.

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