Remember when we were kids and we memorized the Pokemon theme song and sang along with the English OP? Those were the times, right? Well, in celebration of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, the 20th Pokemon movie, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You is retelling the story of Ash’s first meeting with Pikachu. And now it seems that the anime movie’s English release also has a new version of the classic English Pokemon theme song.

This is but a sneak peek at the new version, and it certainly hits you right in the childhood, right? The sing’s full version will be revealed in the future.

The movie will focus on how Ash first set out on his journey from Pallet Town with Pikachu, and also takes a look at how he encountered his first legendary Pokemon, Ho-oh. The movie is a throwback to the Pokemon anime’s very first episode. And also just like the first TV anime episode, the movie also shares the title “Pokemon, I Choose You!”. The film opened in Japan last July 15, 2017.

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