Looks like more and more anime are getting live-action adaptations these days, and this time, it’s the classic science fiction epic, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Based on Yoshiki Tanaka’s epic science fiction novels, the new movie was revealed when a new official website was launched. According to the website, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes live-action movie adaptation will be a trilogy. It also reveals that the first part will premiere by 2020.

Chinese film production company Jiaxuan Global Pictures will be producing the movie, though they did not announce any further details. As for creator Yoshiki Tanaka, he admitted that he initially thought a live-action adaptation would be impossible. However, he says he is looking forward to this new Chinese-Japanese co-produced adaptation of his works.

Set in the conflict between the Galactic Empire and Free Planets Alliance, the novel follows the stories of Imperial Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm and the Alliance’s Yang Wen-Li. The novels received several popular anime adaptations from 1988-2000.

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