Girls und Panzer has a smartphone game titled Girls und Panzer: Great Tankery Operation. The game is all about tanks and their female crews, however, it seems they are going a bit to the fantasy side of things for a new collaboration. This is because they are teaming up with Re:Zero, and two Garupan characters are cosplaying as Rem and Emilia!

For the collaboration, Miho Nishizumi is cosplaying as Rem, while Darjeeling is cosplaying as Emilia. Meanwhile, Rem can be seen with a few tank shells, while Emilia sports a tank commander’s binoculars.

The game will launch the collaboration this December 1, 2017, and will even feature voice recordings from Re:Zero seiyuu. The Garupan game also featured the girls from New Game!! in a previous collaboration as well. Girls und Panzer: Great Tankery Operation is now available for both iOS and Android smartphones in Japan.

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Source: @garupan_app


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