For three years, Kantai Collection has reigned atop the Comiket doujin rankings, receiving the most number of fan-made works every Comic Market. However, for Comiket 93, it seems that they have been dethroned by TYPE-MOON! According to , TYPE-MOON doujin rose from 5th place and dethroned the top-seated KanColle in just one Comiket.


  2. Kantai Collection
  3. The [email protected]
  4. Touhou Project
  5. Touken Ranbu
  6. Yuri!! on Ice

For Comiket 93, a total of 1,498 doujin circles are dedicating themselves for TYPE-MOON series like Fate. Meanwhile, KanColle has 1,460 circles, while The [email protected] has 1,384 circles.

Comiket 93 will end this year’s anime and manga activities. It will feature cosplay, as well as several booths from popular figures in the anime industry, including former Kemono Friends director, TATSUKI. It will happen over at the Tokyo Big Sight from December 29-31, 2017.

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