Looks like the live-action Kakegurui drama now has its Yumeko, and her actress has a lot of experience playing anime-based roles. Actress Minami Hamabe has previously played Menma in the live-action AnoHana TV drama, as well as Saki in the live-action Saki movie and TV drama series. Now, she’s taking the role of the crazy and compulsive gambler herself, Yumeko Jabami, and the movie’s cast has now revealed her in costume.

Hamabe has previously played sweet and innocent characters, however, Yumeko will be a whole different animal from her previous roles. She did admit that she’s excited to give the role her all… though we’re all curious how she’ll pull off those Kakegurui faces.

MAPPA previously animated the manga for a Netflix TV anime last season. The TV anime adaptation will be released globally in English this 2018. Set in the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy where gambling is everything, the school’s brutal gambling and debt system suddenly gets rocked with the arrival of a new student named Yumeko Jabami. The staff will announce more details on this live-action adaptation soon. Though the cast better be prepared to do those infamous “Kakegurui faces” from the manga and anime…

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