The official twitter page for Netflix and TV Tokyo’s live-action Mob Psycho 100 TV show has finally revealed its new visual. This new visual features the main cast in costume as their own characters, as well as teases Mob’s powers.

Tatsuomi Hamada will star as Shigeo Kageyama, while Kazuki Namioka will play Arataka Reigen. Finally, Nogizaka46 member, Yuuki Yoda will play Tsubomi Takane… and no, she doesn’t have any relations with any Jedi masters from Star Wars.

You may know Hamada as Riku Asakura in Ultraman Geed, where he also becomes Ultraman Geed himself. Meanwhile for Yoda (again, no relation to the Jedi Master), this would be the idol’s first acting role. Finally, we may know Shishimaru as Kamen Rider Sigurd from Kamen Rider Gaim. As for series creator, ONE, the One Punch Man mangaka admitted that he’s very excited to see the live-action drama. He also added that he is excited see a work different from the manga and anime.

When it comes to action, the series is in good hands, as veteran tokusatsu director, Koichi Sakamoto, is directing the project. Netflix will begin streaming the series on January 12, 2018, before TV Tokyo will air it six days later.

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