After revealing Rider Francis Drake and Archer Robin Hood, the upcoming Fate/Extra – Last Encore TV anime’s new PV is introducing the new Caster-class servant. Sorry folks, she’s not gonna be Tamamo no Mae, but the embodiment of Nursery rhymes herself. Here’s here new character PV:

Based on the the favorite books of her master, Alice, which are “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass,” this new Caster-class servant was the Caster is more of a reality marble, and is also considered as a “Pseudo Servant.” Ai Nonaka will be voicing her.

Fate/ Stay Night and Type-Moon co-creator, Kinoko Nasu, is handling series composition, while Monogatari director, Akiyuki Simbo is animating the series over at Shaft. Sakura Tange will also be reprising her role as Saber Nero Claudius, while Atsushi Abe will be voicing Hakuno Kishinami. The anime will premiere next winter.

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