Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s players will be in a ton of trouble, because this time, they have to contend with ALL the evil bosses from previous games. This is because they have formed Team Rainbow Rocket, and Giovanni himself is leading them! The Pokemon Company is now previewing this new evil team in a brand new trailer:

The new PV teases players that they will be battling through “20 years of villainy” with all the evil team bosses. And that’s not the only bombshell the new video revealed because ALL the legendary Pokemon from previous games are also returning. Here is Team Rainbow Rocket’s introduction visual:

The new PV also reveals the Battle Agency and Totem Stickers. In addition, the Japanese version also unveiled new commercials and PVs of their own:

Hyped yet? Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released as the final Pokemon installment for the Nintendo 3DS this 17th November.

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