Hobby Japan’s Seven Deadly Sins figure line (bot the one with Melodias and the gang) also has a heavenly counterpart in the Seven Heavenly Virtues. Now, much like its hellish counterpart, the Heavenly Virtues are also getting their own sexy brand of anime in 2018. The staff even introduced these Seven Virtues in a new PV:

The anime’s story will have the Seven Heavenly Virtues go to Earth to search for a new Messiah after Lucifer and the Seven Deadly Sins spread their sinfulness on Earth. The staff also revealed a brand new key visual for the new anime.

Much like the Sins figure line, Hobby Japan’s Virtues figure line are also cast-off. This means that people can take off their clothes and reveal what’s underneath. Fairy Tail and Log Horizon’s Shinji Ishihara will be directing the anime over at Studio Bridge.

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Source: Animate Times



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