Shaft is taking on the Fate series with Fate/ Extra Last Encore, which adapts the Fate/Extra PSP game into a TV anime. And now, after revealing Rider Francis Drake, Archer Robin Hood, and Caster Nursery Rhyme, they are now revealing this Holy Grail War’s assassin. So, who is this Assassin-class servant? None other than the legendary Chinese martial artist, Li Shuwen of course!

Historically, Li Shuwen was a master of Bajiquan. He will be the fourth servant to have his own PV, and will be joining the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. Aside from the above-mentioned servants, Saber Nero will also be participating, and will be serving as the anime’s female lead.

Fate/ Stay Night and Type-Moon co-creator, Kinoko Nasu, is handling series composition, while Monogatari director, Akiyuki Simbo is animating the series over at Shaft. Sakura Tange will also be reprising her role as Saber Nero Claudius, while Atsushi Abe will be voicing Hakuno Kishinami. The anime will premiere next winter.

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