When it comes to shounen anime, Naruto and Bleach stood out as classics. Sure, Bleach kinda outlived its popularity, while Naruto gave us a ton of fillers, but you can’t argue how popular they are. In the latest episode of ScrewAttack’s Death Battle, they pitted these two classic shounen fighters against one another. They studied their strengths and weaknesses to determine the winner, and without further ado, here’s the new episode:

Whoa! Who knew Boruto’s dad was so badass? He should get his own series! But all kidding aside, both combatants are known to be very powerful. And even if Ichigo’s powers are so confusing and convoluted, they did manage to properly point out his strengths and weaknesses… and yes, nobody cares about his Fullbring powers.

So, did you agree with their findings? They did overestimate Ichigo’s powers, while Naruto’s was a bit easier to measure, but still, the results will be getting a ton of debate from fans everywhere.

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