When it seems like Capcom has already given up on the Megaman franchise, they then reveal a new Megaman game! The gaming giant surprised fans all over the world when they revealed a new addition to one of their most iconic gaming franchises with Megaman 11. They even revealed a brand new trailer for the new game, and it’s coming in with all the hype.

Megaman 11 will feature 3D sprites on a 2D plane, which feels like a more modern version of the classics. They also announced that they will release the game in late 2018 for PC, PS4, Xbox ONE, and Switch. Gamers all over the world, rejoice!

But Megaman 11 ain’t the only thing that Capcom announced. They also revealed the release of all eight Megaman X games for PC, PS4, Xbox ONE, and Switch. Previously, Capcom released the various Megaman X games for SNES, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2. They will release the games in summer 2018.

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