Looks like Ash is having a new look again, and this time, it’s from the studio which brought us Attack on Titan. And yes, this time, Ash actually looks handsome! Here he is in the new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon movie for 2018:

Yeah, we’re just not used to Ash being a bishounen or an ikemen, huh? The franchise’s mainstay studio, Oriental Light and Magic, is teaming up with WiT Studio to animate the new Pokemon movie, and they’re giving us a new-look Ash in the process.

Tetsuo Yajima, who directed this year’s 20th Pokemon film, is also returning to direct this new one. And if the character designs look a bit familiar, that’s because Shizue Kaneko (If Her Flag Breaks, Pan de Peace!) is doing the character designs. As the new visual reveals, the movie opens in Japan on July 13, 2018.

Right now, the staff haven’t revealed much about the new film. However, many are speculating it will be a reboot as it features the tagline, “Everyone’s story begins.”

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