Ladies and gentlemen, My Hero Academia is getting itself its own anime movie! Weekly Shounen Jump magazine’s combined 2nd and 3rd issue for 2018 has revealed that we can expect the movie by Summer 2018. The issue also revealed that it will have an original story not found in Kouhei Horikoshi’s original manga. The movie is titled “My Hero Academia the Movie.”

The magazine also revealed that the Jump Festa event on December 16 and 17 will unveil the movie’s key visual. Meanwhile, Kohei Horikoshi himself stated that he movie will show the previously unrevealed past of a certain character, and will also feature the characters of Class A. Horikoshi also drew an illustration to commemorate the announcement.

Aside from the movie announcement, Shounen Jump also revealed the results of My Hero Academia’s official character poll. Here are the results:

  1. Katsuki Bakugou
  2. Izuku Midoroya
  3. Shouto Todoroki
  4. Eijirou Kirishima
  5. Tenya Iida
  6. Shouta Aizawa
  7. All Might
  8. Denki Kaminari
  9. Ochako Uraraka
  10. Hitoshi Shinsou

What?! Froppy ain’t in the Top 10?! Oh well, there’s always next time…

So, do you guys agree with the results? What do you think the new movie will be about? One thing’s for sure though, and that’s the fact that fans will be excited to see it.

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Sources: ANN, Yaraon!



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