In celebration of legendary managaka, Go Nagai’s 50th anniversary as a mangaka, Netflix, together with Aniplex, animation studio Science Saru, and Dynamic Planning, are launching a brand new anime based on Nagai’s classic manga work, Devilman. Titled Devilman Crybaby, the anime will premiere in Netflix this January 2018, and it now has a new PV:

The PV also previews the anime’s new theme song, which is a remix of the original “Devilman no Uta” song from the original 70’s anime. Avu-chan of QUEEN BEE performs the remixed theme song, with  Kensuke Ushio of agraph arranging it.

Science Saru will be animating the project for Netflix, with Masaaki Yuasa directing it. Meanwhile, the global streaming service will begin streaming the new anime exclusively starting January 5, 2018. Netflix will stream the anime globally during that date.

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