Hideo Kojima is finally going forward with his first game outside of Konami with Death Stranding. And with The Game Awards 2017, Kojima Productions previewed more of their upcoming work in a brand new trailer. Oh, and of course, it features Norman Reedus and it also got weird a bit.

Yeah, so Norman Reedus seems like he’s pregnant, some people died, and there’s a giant monster. Yeah, we have no idea what’s going on either, but the trailer made us excited none the less.

The game will also feature renowned Pacific Rim director, Guillermo del Toro and Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen. However, the new trailer only previewed Reedus’s character. Kojima Productions and Sony will release the game as an exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

In an interview, Kojima revealed that they are using Guerrilla Games’ new Decima Engine for the game, with Kojima saying that he and his team looked everywhere to find the “perfect tools” to create Death Stranding. He said “It has to be technology and people, they cannot be separate. From the first moment I met Guerrilla I had a good feeling about this.”

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