Good news Singapore, because Odex Private Ltd., which distributes anime movies to Southeast Asia, has opened their own anime store! Their new online anime store will be selling various merchandise from the various anime movies they have licensed. This includes the Detective Conan Films, Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection, and many more.

One of their items includes the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Fun Set, which costs SG$50. It includes:

1x T-Shirt

5x Signature Cards

1x (Japan import) Plastic Folder with Seiyuu Signatures

1x Medal (Fossil Effect)

1x Number Tag (Random Pick)

1x Towel

2x Wrist Band

They also have the Love Live! Sunshine!! Fun Set, which also costs SG$50. It includes the following items:

Content: 1 x T-shirt, 1 x Towel, 1 x Number Tag (Random Pick), 1 x Medal, 1 x Wristband

Totally 5 items.

Available T-shirt Size: S, M & XL

Material: 100% Cotton (T-shirt), Silicon (Wristband), Cloth (Number Tag), Electroplated Copper (Medal)

You can now order these items via Odex’s official anime shop. However, as of the moment, these items are only available in Singapore. But fret not other countries, because Odex’s Facebook page promises that they will “make it available to other countries in due time.”

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