After a historic long run, Kenjiro Hata’s Hayate the Combat Butler manga finally ended last April. And a few months after the mangaka himself revealed a huge bombshell about one of the characters, it looks like he’s showing fans how to draw Nagi Sanzenin!

Using time lapse, the video shows how Hata pulls off drawing Hayate the Combat Butler’s rich, spoiled heroine. Well, I guess she’s happy that her Butler finally… oops, spoilers!

As to why Hata drew Nagi, this is all to promote the 1st Sunday Webry New Face Award, Shogakukan’s newest manga competition. Kenjiro Hata himself serves as a judge for the competition’s theme award, and its theme  is “She is dead”. As for the other category, it’s a free category, which means aspiring mangaka can make anything. Anyone can join, and there is now restrictions on the number of pages.

Shogakukan will be accepting manga submissions until January 15, with the Gold Prize winner receiving a 300,000 yen cash prize. The winning manga will then be posted online on Shogakukan’s Sunday Webry website.

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