In isekai or alternate world series, protagonists usually die first before getting transported to another world. There are a ton of these works these days, which means there are many reasons how the protagonist died to get to the alternate world. From manga to anime to light novels, a new fan-made chart shows exactly how many types of death there are in isekai works.

Here are the Top 10 (or 13) results:

10-13 (4-way tie) – God, Lightning, Old Age, Explosion

9 – choice to reincarnate

8 – battle

7 – Death by Overwork

6 – accident

5 – disease

4 – murder

3 – Got run-over by Truck-kun

2 – traffic accident

1 – unknown death

Other causes of death include terrorism, suicide, plane crashes, train accidents, and even mochi. Yes folks, an isekai protagonist died because of mochi. However, it’s also fair to state that some protagonists didn’t actually die to reach their isekai worlds, such as Sword Art Online, The Familiar of Zero, and Re:Zero… though the latter died countless times while in that isekai world.

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