Japanese cosplay and anime merchandise brand, COSPA, has been selling a ton of official cosplay merchandise last year. Now, much like 2016 and 2015, they have finally revealed which costumes were sold the most back in 2017. Now, these results are based on their sales records, and not on opinion like most rankings. So without further ado, here are the Top 10:

10 – Attack on Titan Survey Corps Costume set (Levi ver.)

9 –  Madoka Magica Mitakihara Middle School’s girls’ uniform

8 – Kantai Collection Shiratsuyu Class Remodel Uniform

7 – Re:Zero Rem and Ram’s maid uniform

6 – Persona 5 Shujin Academy’s boys uniform

5 –  Kuromorimine Girls High School uniform from Girls und Panzer

4 – Kitauji High School girls’ uniform from Sound! Euphonium

3 – Toyogasaki High School girls’ uniform from Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

2 – Otonokizaka High School’s girls’ uniform from Love Live!

1 – Uranohoshi Girls’ High School’s summer uniform

Last year, Sound! Euphonium’s Kitauji High girls’ uniform unseated the always-dominant Love Live! costumes. Now, it seems that the Love Live franchise came back with a vengeance, because they didn’t just take the top spot, but second place as well!

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