After ranking first in viewer satisfaction in Japan, the critically-acclaimed Japanese film, The Last Recipe, is heading to Singapore thanks to Encore Films. Based on the hit novel by Keiichi Tanaka, The Last Recipe is a great story about food that would surely make you hungry. Here is its trailer:

Set in 1930’s Manchuria during its Japanese occupation, as well as the 21st century. The film’s 1930’s portion follows Naotaro Yamagata, an Imperial Chef with a rare ability known as “Qilin Tongue” which allows him to recreate any flavor once he tastes it. With the Emperor going to Manchuria for the first time, he must prepare a “Great Japanese Imperial Feast” for the Occasion. Fast forward to the present day, and the film will be following another person with the “Qilin Tongue” named Mitsuru Sasaki. However, he gets into financial trouble, and offers “last meals” to those willing to pay high prices.

Japan has its fair share of Academy Award-winning directors, and one of them is Yojiro Takita, who won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film back in 2008 for Departures. Now, he’s back directing The Last Recipe, which gained plenty of love from critics and audiences back in Japan. The movie’s general screening in Singapore will begin on 25 January 2018.

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