The Fate series is as popular as ever, and now, it’s getting its own cooking anime based on TAa’s Fate spin-off manga, Today’s Menu for Emiya Family. The manga features several familiar characters from Fate/Stay Night in a slice-of-life and cooking anime setting. They ever released a new key visual featuring Shirou,Sakura, Saber Artoria and Rider Medusa.

They aired the anime’s first episode during the Fate Project TV special on New Year’s Eve. As for the anime itself, it will be a net anime, and will begin streaming via Abema TV this February. Its first spisode will also make its online debut on Abema TV on January 25, 2017 later this month.

Today’s Menu for Emiya Family will follow the daily life of the Emiya family (as well as the servants) as they enjoy delicious home-cooked meals. ufotable is animating the series, with Takahiro Miura and Tetsuto Satou co-directing it.

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Source: MoCa News


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