Marvelous will be releasing the new Fate/Extella Link video game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this year. But before that happens, they are teasing fans with a new video featuring Nero Claudius and the King of the Franks himself, Charlemagne. It also teases the other previously-revealed characters, Francis Drake, Scáthach, Tamamo, and of course, Charlemagne’s paladin, Astolfo.

The new PV also confirms that that game will be released on June 7 in Japan for the PS4 and PS Vita platforms. It also teases Charlemagne’s powerful noble phantasm, Joyeuse Ordre, The Twelve Shining Swords That Encircle the World and Point to the Hero King.

Charlemagne ruled over France, Germany, and other parts of Europe, and would later become the Holy Roman Emperor. He subjugated pagan barbarians and would spread Christianity across Europe. Good’ol Charlie also defended the realm against Islamic and Viking incursions. He has gained a reputation as both an excellent king, as well as a skilled tactician and fighter. Historians even dub him as the “founder of modern Europe” and “the light of the dark ages”. This is because he not only focused on conquering and spreading Christianity, but also focused on things that the formerly-barbarian Franks wouldn’t even dream about focusing on, such as education, medicine, literature, and the arts. It would certainly be nice seeing him in the new game, and also interact with one of his most famous paladins, Astolfo.

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