Winter 2018 is here, and one of the season’s most anticipated titles is also one of the last to premiere. That of course, is Fate/Extra Last Encore. Now, before the anime makes its long-awaited premiere, the staff have revealed its final TV ad. It not only features the new anime, but also its OP song,  “Bright Burning Shout” by TM Revolution.

As for its story, it will be a different Holy Grail War than the previous Fate anime, as it will follow the Moon Cell Holy Grail War from the PSP game. The staff previously revealed  Rider Francis Drake, Archer Robin Hood, and Caster Nursery Rhyme, as well as Assassin Li Shuwen in several character introduction videos.

There will actually be two new Fate anime this season, and that includes the new Fate cooking anime, Today’s Menu for Emiya Family. And while ufotable is animating that Fate cooking show, Shaft is animating Fate/Extra last Encore, with Monogatari director, Akiyuki Simbo directing it. Sakura Tange will also be reprising her role as Saber Nero Claudius, while Atsushi Abe will be voicing Hakuno Kishinami.

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