Heads up Singapore, because Odex Private Ltd. and GV Plaza Singapura are doing a fan screening for Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel  i.Presage Flower later today, 6th January. And like most fan screenings, it will include a few goodies too!

The screening will happen at 1:30 pm Singapore Time later today, and interested fans can reserve their tickets  at the following link: https://goo.gl/BGWVQSTickets for GV members cost SG$60, while tickets for non-members cost SG$65.

The fan screening will feature a total of 13 items, and they are:

• 3 Postcard
• 3 Mini Shikishi
• 1 Film Strip
• 1 Booklet
• 6 Signature Post Card
• 1 A4 Folder
• 1 A2 Poster (Design 1)
• 1 A2 Poster (Design 2)
• 1 A2 Poster (Design 3)

So what are you waiting for, better book now and then head to GV Plaza Singapura later, before 1:30 pm of course!

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