After months of teasing, Bandai Namco Asia has now released Gintama Rumble for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita right here in Southeast Asia. And yes, it does make fun of Dragon Ball with knock-off assist characters, Brieza and Cello, as well as Gintoki doing the Kamehameha.

Gintama Rumble has hit Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand on the same day as Japan. Playable characters include Shinsengumi members, Isao Kondou, Toushirou Hijikata, and Sougo Okita.  They are joining previously-revealed characters like Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura, Katsura, Takasugi, Kamui, Tsukuyo, and many more. Elizabeth and Sadaharu, as well as other characters also join the game as assist characters.

The Southeast Asian edition of Gintama Rumble features Japanese audio with English texts and subtitles. Bandai Namco Asia released it today, January 18, 2017, which is the same day as the game’s Japanese release!

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