We’ve seen Miku as virtual holograms in concerts, as an AI waifu, and of course, as an anime character (yes, an actual anime character). Now, it seems that she also got her own life-size robot, and it’s all thanks to a Nihon University student called “Missile”. The robotics creator displayed his work during the third Robodex event in Shinjuku, and he certainly wowed a lot of people with his Miku robot.

Using motion-capture technology, this life-size Miku robot uses about 50 servo motors to move her hands and head. She can move each finger individually, and she even uses the internet. In fact, “Missile” uses wireless internet to control the Miku robot.

Its creator does admit that he’s been working on robo Miku for 10 years now, and has even created two models already. The one we saw in the top video is already his “Unit 02”. He also says that users can see through Miku’s eyes using virtual reality technology.

His project to launch life-size robot girls has already started, and he’s even got his own kickstarter campaign on Campfire. So far, “Missile” has raised about 3.6 million yen, which he plans to use for his “Life-Size, Pretty Girl Robot Production Plan”. He is currently planning a third robot called “Rei Adachi,” which he hopes to be able to sing and walk, as well as to facial expressions. As for what his plans for robo Miku are, he wants her to become a YouTuber, and even become a robotic YouTube sensation.

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