Makoto Shinkai’s your name. finally had its Japanese network TV debut earlier last week. Now, like most hit movies, fans have spread rumors about it. One of them is the rumor that your name. has an original ending that’s quite different from the one we saw in the final version.

The rumors state that when Taki and Mitsuha passed by each other in the bridge near the film’s ending, the film should have ended right then and there. However, the rumors also said that Toho wanted a happy ending and forced Shinkai to add more scenes where Taki and Mitsuha would meet again. And because of the rumors, people were sending thank you messages to Toho for their supposed decision. However, it seems that the fans are getting ahead of themselves.

In a tweet, the critically-acclaimed director stated that it’s all a misunderstanding. He said that they have already decided on the ending even before the screenplay was written. He even posted a photo of the movie’s original plot as evidence.

There you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth. Hopefully, this clears up all those rumors and stop thanking Toho for what they didn’t do.

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