After turning Hatsune Miku into a holographic AI waifu, officially known as a communications robot, it seems that “Gatebox” Virtual Home Robot video has launched a new collaboration project with OreImo. They are turning the ever-lovable yandere model, Ayase Aragaki, into a communications robot as well.

Using Dwango’s previous “Narikiri Shitsumon Ootou Aragaki Ayase” A.I. dialogue program, the Virtual Home Robot will bring Ayase Aragaki to life as a holographic 2D waifu who can actually converse with you. Gatebox will also further fine tune virtual Ayase’s responses to actual people, with her seiyuu, Saori Hayami, providing the words needed for her to do an actual conversation. And if you’re curious how a Virtual Home Robot works, here’s a little demo to give you an idea how Ayase might respond:

Gatebox will be demonstrating the A.I. robot during the Nico Nico Choukaigi event from April 28-29. They will then reveal more details about how people can get the Ayase version of their communications robot during the event as well.

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Source: Animate Times


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