Persona 5 is getting itself an anime adaptation with Persona 5 the Animation. Now, the staff have finally unveiled a new key visual for the anime, and it features Ryuji Sakamoto. The Japanese twitter page also revealed that fans in Japan can win a poster version of the new Ryuji visual if they join their Retweet campaign on twitter.

From the New World’s Masashi Ishihama will be directing the anime over at A-1 Pictures. Meanwhile, they also credited the game franchise’s producer. Katsura Hashino, for the original story. As for its character designs, Satomi Ishikawa is handling them, while Kazuma Kaneko is handling the demon designs.  A-1 Pictures also animated the game’s anime special before it even got released.

Based on Atlus’s critically-acclaimed PS4 and PS3 JRPG, the Persona 5 anime will make its premiere in April 2018. This means that it will be part of the Spring 2018 anime season.

You can also check out the gamepley videos through this link.

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