Looks like Pokemon players may become actual professional e-Sports gamers soon. While Pokemon certainly has a ton of tournaments such as the Pokemon World Championships, or even competitive battling communities like Smogon University, it ain’t exactly that much of an e-Sport with highly-competitive pro leagues like Dota 2, Overwatch, and League of Legends. However, it seems like the Pokemon Company is aiming to change all of that with “P-Sports”.

P-Sports will encompass all 720 Pokemon species, and will even have an appeal, much like the game itself. Hey, they even have an Elite 4 to beat for a player to become a Pokemon Champion! The Elite 4 includes Comedian and Pokemon personality, Hiroshi Yamamoto, renowned Pokemon gamer Raibarori, Japan Content Showcase 2016’s third placer, and finally, YouTube Pokemon player, Hajime Shacho.

However, it looks like they’re only launching the e-Sport in Japan so far, as the country is currently streamlining its e-Sport industry. The Pokemon Company is also launching its P-Sports TV program on Abema TV as well, and it premieres this January 24.

So far, they haven’t confirmed it for other countries yet, so we have to stay tuned for more announcements.

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