While nobody seems to be able to comprehend what Pop Team Epic is exactly about, it seems that the anime has become so popular that the cops have to step in and break up an event because it became too dangerous. In an event to promote the anime’s latest episode, Animate Akihabara handed out “Clone Popu-chin” masks to fans.

However, they didn’t expect that there would be too many people, and it overwhelmed the store’s staff. In fact, so much people showed up that it caused traffic jams. And yes, that’s the reason why police had to step in. In fact, they deemed the mask giveaway “too dangerous to continue”.

The cops then instructed the organizers to close up early because the overwhelming number of people is causing problems for everyone already. Animate complied of course, and posted a tweet explaining why they had to cease their event early.

However, the mind-melting anime’s fans weren’t happy with the situation, and replied like what Pop Team Epic’s duo would in these situations:

As expected of Pop Team Epic fans. Looks like the anime has become our new overlords after all…

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