Pop Team Epic has now premiered, and it made a lot of us scratch our heads in confusion. I myself can’t even find the words to describe the anime. However, it seems that we’re not the only ones asking what the heck it is. Yes folks, its director is confused too!

Jun Aoki not only directs the anime, but is also in-charge of series composition. However, he did admit that he dad’t read the original source manga before agreeing to direct the anime. At first, he thought it was a “typical easy web manga”. Well, after watching it, he admitted he was wrong and even admitted he regretted agreeing to become its director. He then said that he wondered what kind of anime it could become. Aoki also said that the show must have that “variety feeling” the manga has, and admitted that this is quite the challenge. And yes, he’s pretty confused too. However, Pop Team Epic mangaka, Bkub Okawa, is supervising every episode and providing a lot of details, so that certainly helps.

The staff describe Pop Team Epic as a “Crappy Anime,” so calling it crappy would be a compliment. For all its worth, better just watch the anime for possible memes. But then again, Pop Team Epic itself is already a meme in Japan. Just remember to turn your brain off when watching, OK?

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Source: Buzz Plus News


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