Re:Zero’s ever-popular demon maid twins are celebrating their birthday on February 2, and Sega is giving fans a special treat. They have recently announced their “Winter Campaign,” and it certainly focuses on the twins, and they will run it from January 27 to February 25.

Life-size standees of Ram and Rem will be displayed in Sega’s two Akihabara arcades, and both of them are wearing wedding dresses. They will also feature a Valentine’s Day design, with Ram and Rem holding chocolates.

And since this is Sega, they are offering plenty of other prizes for fans to win in their UFO Catcher crane games. These include clear files, illustration boards, coin banks, wall scrolls, and cushion straps.

The Sega arcades in Akihabara will also be giving away special Ram and Rem wedding dress ver. postcards. They will be releasing each on different dates, and will be adding the Valentine’s Day version on Vday itself.

Sega will also be giving away various prizes as well.

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