2017 had plenty of heavy hitters which made us really enjoy anime throughout the year. However, because of these big anime, many otherwise good anime were left completely overshadowed. These are underrated anime, and we are now taking a look at them for today’s SGCafe List.

We looked at the entire anime year of 2017, and picked out 5 titles we thought didn’t stand out that much, but were actually very good. Here are our picks:

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club

Winter 2018 had plenty of huge hits, from Saga of Tanya the Evil to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, ACCA 13, KonoSuba 2, and of course, 2017’s biggest surprise hit of all, Kemono Friends. Those shows will easily overshadow any other show, and that’s what they did to Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club. The anime had excellent animation and lovable characters, but sadly, didn’t get much talked about during the season.

Tsuki Ga Kirei

This high school youth romance anime had a lot of good elements to make it shine. And it really made you want to sheer for the two leads as their relationship progressed. Too bad not a lot of people talked about it that much since it’s actually a pretty nice watch.

Alice and Zouroku

In my opinion, this is probably the most underrated anime last year. Alice and Zouroku had a great concept, and is actually quite fluffy, even with the premise of having a cruel government agency experimenting with super powered children looking for that one specific runaway. The anime brings in a great story about family, adventure, and of course, powers… and flowers because Zouroku is a florist.

Fastest Finger First

Fastest Finger First made us watch at the edge of our seats with much excitement, and even made us try to answer some of the quiz show questions. But chances are, not many have even heard about it.

Just Because!

Admittedly, the anime suffered a slow and confusing start, but once it settled down, we’ve gotten ourselves into a huge love triangle, with plenty of drama. A definite must watch for fans of romantic anime out there. And if you dropped this after the first episode, continue watching, because it will make you root people, as well as make you feel for them after heartbreak.

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