Looks like we may be getting more Hestia (and her infamous “boob ribbon”) soon. Light novel imprint, GA Bunko, just dropped some big news via twitter, and revealed that Fujino Oomori’s Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon light novels will be getting a “new project” soon.

However, GA Bunko didn’t actually reveal what this “new project” will be all about. This means that right now, it still isn’t clear whether this “new project” will be a TV anime, anime movie, live-action movie, manga, video game, or even a new light novel spin-off. Looks like we would have to wait a bit longer for them to make further announcements.

The light novels received an anime adaptation back in 2015, becoming one of the year’s most popular anime. And yes, this is all thanks to that certain little goddess and her blue string. It’s spin-off, Sword Oratoria, also received a TV anime adaptation as well.

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