We all know Samuel L. Jackson likes anime, and it seems that another big star is an anime fan as well. Michael B. Jordan recently starred in Marvel’s Black Panther as main villain, Erik Killmonger, and he’s been getting some critical acclaim for his performance. However, a close look at his twitter account and past TV appearances reveal that he’s also a bigtime anime fan. Yes folks, it’s not just Nick Fury who’s an anime fan, but Erik Killmonger as well.

Last November, the Creed actor appeared in an interview with Vogue Magazine. There, he revealed that he really wants to go to Tokyo because of anime. And he even says “Anime is the Best!”

And during a 2014 PopSugar video, he was asked what his guilty pleasures are. His answer was “Women,” but right beside it was a “crossed out” word we’re familiar with… anime.

Which leads us back to his twitter page…

You be you, Michael, you be you!

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Source: Gizmodo


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