Snow Miku will once again highlight this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival, and they are launching plenty of celebrations. With her new Red-crowned crane theme, Snow Miku 2018 is getting set for her big event later this month with a new theme song. Titled “Round off the Square Earth,” TOKOTOKO performs the song, with mogelatte producing the music video.

And this year, it looks like it will be even more special, as fans can go on an Augmented Reality (AR) date with the virtual diva herself. AR apps like Pokemon GO gave already made a huge splash around the world, so why not go on a date with Miku in AR as well, right?

KDDI is creating an augmented reality application “Miku Sanpo” that gets users to go on a date with Snow Miku around Sapporo. However, the dates are limited to specific locations, as KDDI hasn’t released the app to the public yet. NORBESA mall’s MIRAI.ST cafe & kitchen restaurant and its rooftop ferris wheel will be two of the locations you can go on an AR date with Miku.

 Each location will rent out iPads with the app already installed, and only a limited number of visitors will be allowed in each day from February 9-12, 2018. Each experience costs 800 yen, and will also include one drink.

But fret not folks, because you can also have a date with Snow Miku for free. The Snow Miku Sky Town at the New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido will also be doing the experience on those same dates, but they’re doing this for free. But like the NORBESA mall locations, they are limiting the experience to a few people only.

And finally, yes, they will be selling Snow Miku goodies throughout Hokkaido as the Snow Festival goes on.

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