Lately, several “Virtual YouTubers” have flooded the video streaming site like Kizuna Ai. As expected, they’ve gained a ton of otaku fans and followers. One of them is Nora Cat, a Catgirl who has 55,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. There, she talks about a lot of things, but focuses more on video games. Here’s her debut video:

With her cat ears and goth loli get-up, she certainly gets a lot of views. However, a clip from twitter user, @karakasa893, has exposed Nora Cat. It seems that the mild-mannered catgirl who likes video games isn’t what she seems to be. In reality, the tweet exposes her as a middle-aged man thanks to a little on-screen glitch.

Of course, this shocked many fans, who found out that their new-found waifu is nothing more than a middle-aged man using a voice changer. And as expected, she lost a few subscribers. However, a few die-hard fans are saying that this doesn’t change anything. In fact, they’re saying that “this isn’t any different from a sexy or beautiful anime/manga girl being drawn by an artist who’s a middle-aged man, and that therefore seeing the face of Nora Cat’s creator doesn’t change how they feel about the character one bit.”

However, the big surprise here is that the reveal actually made people more interested in her. Now, it seems that fans are “actually more interested in checking out her videos now that they’ve seen who’s behind them.” But whatever the case may be, it seems that whether they’re A.I.s or just middle-aged men pretending to be moe virtual anime girls, virtual YouTubers are now taking over YouTube in its entirety…

And yes, we do miss Filthy Frank too…

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