After getting fired from Kemono Friends, it looks like director Tatsuki, as well as studio Yaoyorozu, are working together again, and this time on a different project. Their firing by Kadokawa received such huge backlash from that the company’s stock plummeted, but it seems that the director and the studio is doing rather well. In fact, they just revealed a brand new TV anime project titled Kemurikusa. They also unveiled a brand new key visual for the new anime.

The new series will be adapting Tatsuki’s previous original anime of the same title into a TV anime. The director’s self-produced animation group irodori made the anime from 2010-2012, and released it on the same year it was finished. It also won the 24th CG Anime Contest in 2012

Set in a post-apocalyptic world covered in red fog, the anime follows a group of girls who must fight entities known as “Mushi”. Yaoyorozu has revealed that announce the broadcast schedule and other details on a later date.

After having much success while directing last year’s biggest runaway hit anime, Kemono Friends, Kadokawa suddenly announced that the staff which previously worked on the anime, including Tatsuki and Studio Yaoyorizu, aren’t coming back for the second season. This immediately earned plenty of ire from fans, and the backlash became huge. The incident cemented the popularity of the director, and the fans even had the #NoTatsukiNoTanushi movement on social media. The movement didn’t just stay in Japan, as international fans also petitioned Kadokawa to have the director and the studio return to the project. However, in the end, Kadokawa put their foot down and stood by their decision.

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