Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory is definitely one of the most hyped anime of next season. And to hype things up even further, the anime’s official website just released its second PV! This latest PV features the song “Even … if” by Tamaru Yamada.

The giant Yukina Vision screen in Shinjuku Station is now playing the new PV every 38 minutes until February 19. Previously, the staff also unveiled the anime’s two latest key visuals.

Meanwhile, the Metro Promenade of the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi subway line in Shinjuku Station is currently displaying a large Arm Slave mural to promote the upcoming anime. It features 10 of the Arm Slaves you can see in the series. Fans can see the mural only until February 11, 2018.

You can also check out the first PV and the previous key visual through this link.

The anime was supposed to premiere Fall 2017, but was delayed indefinitely. However, it’s now going to air in Spring 2018 according to creator Shoji Gatoh. Fans have waited for this latest sequel series for over a decade now, so when the anime got delayed indefinitely, there was cause for panic. But now that it has a new release period, fans would now have to do something they’ve been quite familiar with in the FMP franchise, and that is WAITING.

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