When you say Japan, who is usually the character, live-action or animated, that comes into your mind? Mine would usually be Godzilla, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman, which I grew up watching as a kid. But what about others? It would be Hello Kitty for some, or Pikachu for others.

Now, Goo has asked Japanese netizens to rank which iconic Japanese tokusatsu, anime, video game, or mascot character is the one they think represents Japan the most, or is the most identifiable to foreigners. The list received a total of 500 voters, and around 40 characters to choose from. Here are the Top 20:

20 – GeGeGe no Kitaro

19 – Chibu Maruko-chan

18 – Sazae-san

17 – Licca (Takara Tomy doll line)

16 – Hatsune Miku

15 – Conan Edogawa

14 – Monkey D. luffy

13 – Astro Boy

12 – Lupin III

11/10 (tied) – Ultraman and Sailor Moon

9 – Godzilla

8 – Gundam (not specified which one)

7 – Totoro

6 – Son Goku

5 – Hello Kitty

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