It’s almost the Chinese Lunar New Year, and Blizzard is celebrating it with Lunar New Year events in Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. For Hearthstone, they have revealed that they now have a daily log-in event offering free card pack as daily rewards!

Starting February 15 to February 20 (GMT+8), Hearthstone will offer one free Kobolds and Catacomb card pack as daily log-in reward. Players can receive maximum six free card packs by logging-in to the game for six days in a row.

  1. Event will start from February 15 00:00 (GMT+8) to February 20 23:59 (GMT+8).
  2. Players who have Blizzard account on either US or Asia server with country of residence in Indonesia/Malaysia/ Philippines/Singapore/Thailand/Vietnam are eligible for this event.
  3. Players will receive daily free card pack reward on the server they log-in by the end of the next day.

Meanwhile, for World of Warcraft, they’re celebrating the Year of the Dog by adding the loyal Shu-Zen into your collection. Players can get this Divine Sentinel mount for US$25.  Believed by some to be a sign of good fortune and others to be a gift from the Light, Shu-Zen provides faithful companionship to any that would defend Azeroth from the maddening whispers of the Old Gods. 

Also join in the fun by dressing up in your Lunar Festival finery, launching fireworks, and paying homage to the Elders throughout Azeroth from Feb.17. Use the Coins of Ancestry from Elders throughout Azeroth to purchase a variety of holiday items. The Dragon Head Costume, Dragon Body Costume, and Dragon Tail Costume are also available this year for players to create a dragon chain for celebration!

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