Being a hotel in Akihabara means that you have to cater for individuals with certain tastes, and yes, they’re anime fans. This is why GRIDS Akihabara Hotel + Hostel is teaming up with Tokyo-based production company, So-Zo, and Re:Zero for a very special anime-themed hotel room. This special room will feature Re:Zero characters like Ram, Rem, Emilia, etc., in the walls, the sheets, the pillows, and more.

But if you really want to spend a night in this room while in Japan, be prepared to splurge a bit, so tough luck travelers who wanna go cheap. Staying the night costs 15,000 yen on weekdays, and on weekends, the room costs 16,000 yen. But they’ll also get exclusive goodies from GRIDS Akihabara Hotel + Hostel as well.

But if you want those goodies in the image above and stay the night, but can’t afford the Re:Zero room, or somebody has reserved before you, fret not. Because the hotel is also offering a normal room with the special goodies as well. The normal room with goodies costs 8,000 yen per night on weekdays, and 10,000 yen per night on weekends.

If you want to reserve either of these packages, you can now head over to the collaboration’s official English reservation page. Yes folks, it looks like they’re targeting foreigners as well for this one.

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