Last time, figure sculptor and Wonderful Works representative Kaoru Sakaki teased everyone with a life-size figure of Mash Kyrielight. Now, he makes good on his promise and reveals the fully-completed statue of the Fate/Grand order Shielder. However, he didn’t just display Mash alone, because a life-size Rem statue is with her as well.

Wonderful Works displayed the two statues in their booth over at Makuhari Messe in Chiba during Wonder Festival. He also shared several work-in-progress (WIP) photos of the life-size Mash statue when he just finished painting her.

So far, the sculptor hasn’t revealed if he’s selling the statue yet, but if he does, prepare for a huge hit on your wallet. Life-size statues usually cost around two million yen, and that doesn’t even cover shipping costs. Given the size and weight of these statues, that’s also gonna be pretty high.

Oh, and my boss says Mash is Best Girl. I have to. :)

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