It’s already Wonder Festival season, which means that figure collectors all over the worlds are readying their wallets for impact. The event will be held this Sunday, February 18, and will feature several big figure announcements from Japan’s biggest figure companies, as well as several fan-made garage kits. The event will also feature a life-size statue of Fate/Grand Order’s own Shielder, Mash Kyrielight. Now, its sculptor and Wonderful Works representative Kaoru Sakaki teased fans by revealing her unpainted prototype.

But what’s a Shielder without a shield, right? Don’t worry, because he also previewed Mash with her signature shield as well.

He has also started painting the life-size statue too!

They will do the big reveal at Makuhari Messe in Chiba during the Wonder Festival 2018 (Winter) event this Sunday. Also expect plenty of figure reveals from companies like Good Smile Company, Alter, and Kotobukiya during the event. And yes, there will also be tons of wallet draining.

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