After getting a very successful TV anime adaptation, Hiroya Oku’s Inuyashiki manga is also getting itself a live-action movie. Now, the movie’s staff have released its latest trailer, which also previews its theme song. Man With A Mission, which performed the TV anime’s theme song, also performs the live-action movie’s, which is titled “Take Me Under”.

The film stars Noritake Kinashi as Ichiro Inuyashiki, the middle-aged/elderly protagonist of the manga. Meanwhile, Rurouni Kenshin star, Takeru Satoh, stars as the movie’s main antagonist and sociopathic mass-murderer, Hiro Shishigami. As for the trailer, it reveals that the movie will open in Japan on April 20, 2018.

As for the rest of the cast, the movie also stars:

  • Mari Hamada as Marie Inuyashiki
  • Yuki Saito as Yuuko Shishigam
  • Nayuta Fukuzaki as Takeshi Inuyashiki
  • Ayaka Miyoshi as Mari Inuyashiki
  • Kanata Hongou as Naoyuki Andou
  • Fumi Nikaidou as Shion Watanabe
  • Yusuke Iseya as Detective Hagiwara (original character not in the anime or manga)

Shinsuke Satou, who directed the live-action adaptation of Hiroya Oku’s other hot manga, Gantz, is also directing the live-action Inuyashiki movie.

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