The food in Monster Hunter: World often looked delicious, and would often make you feeling a bit hungry. One Japanese gamer found out what one might look like in the real world, as his wife cooked him a meal straight from the game itself. While his wife may not have used monstrous and rare ingredients from the game, it sure looks like Twitter user @kixki8539742 really had a meal fit for a Monster Hunter. Here’s what the meal looks like in the game:

Now this is the one his wife prepared:

With common ingredients like rice, mussels, shrimp, pineapple, cheese, crab, and beef, his wife really prepared one helluva Monster Hunter meal. It even includes a “potion” made from melon liqueur. And to add to the Monster Hunter feel, they even added a few pieces of Japanese candy known as konpeito to look like Scout Flies trying to eat a meal. 

He said that the meal cost them about 4,000 yen in ingredients, and about three hours to cook, including prep time. Now, doesn’t that make you hungry after a grueling battle with giant monsters?

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