Kotobukiya also had a very strong showing for WonFes this year, and featured a mix of statues and plastic model kits. They also had a few surprises in the mix as well. Yes folks, My Little Pony is getting a Bishoujo Figure line from artist Shunya Yamashita.

When we think of quality and detailed anime figures, we often think of Alter, and boy did they show up this time. Along with the usual barrage of Fate figures, the figure company showed off plenty of other upcoming figures from other franchises as well.

As for Megahouse, they revealed their usual mix of figures and plastic models for their booth. Lovable franchises like Pokemon, Fate (again),  Persona 5, One Piece, and many others also shined through.

Aniplex’s figure offerings may not be as varied as Kotobukiya’s GSC’s or Megahouse, but they make up for it in star power, as their figures would usually feature their titles.

For Bandai, Banpresto, Aquamarine, Kaiyodo, Stronger, and Sega, turn to page 3

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